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Chance to Change Foundation is a charity that was founded in 2019 by The Revd Jonathan Aitken, Mick May OBE and Imam Shaffiq Din.

Chance to Change promotes the care, resettlement and rehabilitation of offenders and the prevention of crime.  We work in prisons and in the community.

We aim to provide educational, training, and rehabilitation programmes within prisons and also to connect people leaving prisons with linked opportunities to find employment and to engage with supporters and mentors in the community who encourage ex-offenders to go straight.

Chance to Change's first major project is Friends of Pentonville.  We work closely with the Governor Ian Blakeman, his Senior Officers, members of the Senior Management Team and Chaplains.

Chance to Change has funded small projects within Pentonville. Our major objective is to support the Educational Proposals of Pentonville's groundbreaking Time4Change programme which has been running for over two years under Custody Manager Ricardo Lafuente-Dyer.  

Chance to Change's future plans involved setting up additional "Friends of" organisations based on the Friends of Pentonville in other mens and womens prisons.

We are grateful for the donations we have received from Sir James Scott and Jonathan Aitken.  We are now in the final stages of negotiation with other donors.

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