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Friends of Pentonville follows on from successful schemes run at other prisons such as HMP Erlestoke and HMP Guys Marsh.

The charity hopes to encourage local business people to employ prisoners who have been released from HMP Pentonville.  Most prisoners at HMP Pentonville are on Remand.  Under the excellent Governor Ian Blakeman the prison has undergone significant improvement.  With the help of private funding for projects and facilities the prison has benefitted recently from new radio broadcasting equipment.

We encourage people to become a Friend by getting in touch.

The Revd Jonathan Aitken is a Chaplain at HMP Pentonville and is able to identify what is most needed by inmates in regards to how the charity's resources should best be spent.

Earlier this year in 2022 Chance to Change Foundation and Friends of Pentonville supported Music In the Ville, a programme promoting music in prisons run by Emma Dogliani.

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