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"I learned that one can always start again" and "I know prisons from the inside".


These two quotes by José Mujica perfectly encapsulate the Chance to Change Foundation's objectives as a charity to provide the chance for a new beginning for prisoners as learned first hand from experience of life on the inside.

The Chance to Change Foundation and it's subsidiary Friends of Pentonville hope to give prisoners opportunity.


Greater educational resources to increase literacy amongst prisoners and basic equipment such as computers enabling prisoners to become IT literate (CLAIT courses) could enable better prospects on release.

Projects include providing skills within the prison walls that could be transferred to gainful employment on release such as barista training, barber and haircutting courses, and working in the hospitality sector such as in restaurants, bars and catering industries.

Also within the prison walls Friends of Pentonville has helped to fund hugely successful Music in the Ville.  A series of musical workshops and concerts organised Emma Dogliani OPV.

Another project under discussion includes cheering up the prison walls with mural paintings.

Equipping prisoners with skills that they could use after their release would help reduce reoffending which is currently between 25.6% (2021 with new statistics out July 28 2022).

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