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Jonathan Aitken and Edwards Smyth wrote Doing Time: A Spiritual Guide (Lion Hudson) to help prisoners, and their families survive a prison sentence.

You can order the book on Amazon.

Jonathan Aitken and Edward Smyth both experienced a dramatic fall from grace.

Each of them found themselves removed from their homes and loved ones, locked up in prison and having to deal with the fallout of their actions. However, at their lowest point they discovered something life-changing. God hadn't forgotten about them.

Doing Time offers encouragement and advice on how to survive and even make the most of life inside prison. Offering the sort of practical and spiritual wisdom that only comes from personal experience, it shows that it is never too late for God to help us find a new way forward in our lives.

About the Author

The Revd Jonathan Aitken was a Conservative politician, and a member of Margaret Thatcher’s cabinet. After spending time in prison for perjury, he obtained a theology degree and is now a writer and speaker. He was ordained in 2018 and is now a prison chaplain. He is the co-author of Doing Time.


Since being released from prison, Edward has acquired a master’s degree in criminology from Oxford, and has built a career in criminal justice. He currently works for the Forward Trust and is a Board Fellow of Spark Inside. He is the co-author of Doing Time.

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